7 Essential Fitness Tips for Women

Fitness is not just about having the perfect-looking body or the highest stamina. Fitness is a lifestyle that assists everyone in being more productive and proactive in their lives – whatever they may be doing. This concept is overlooked by most, especially when it comes to women. People assume that women do not need to be fit; a concept stemming from the prehistoric assumption that women do not need to do any “heavy lifting” in life.

This cannot be far from the truth. Women’s bodies need to remain fit as much as, if not more so than men’s. Especially considering the fact that they are the ones to birth actual human beings from their bodies. That is why in this article today, we will be talking about 7 essential fitness tips for women.

7 Tips for Women to Achieve Fitness

If you read below you may find seven useful tips for women to follow on their journey towards fitness. Read until the end to learn all about it!

Have a Support System

It is very easy to lose hope and give up when you are working hard towards something and not seeing the results. This happens a lot with women during the beginning of their fitness journeys because when they are not used to a healthy lifestyle, achieving results seems very hard. Probably harder than it actually is. Keeping yourself motivated can become overwhelming.

That is why if you have people around you who constantly cheer for you, celebrate your small wins, and encourage you to go on, it helps a lot. Surrounding yourself with good vibes goes a longer way than you might think.

Practice Meditation Through Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does it help you meditate and have peace of mind, but it is also a great way to exercise and achieve fitness. That is why yoga should be an essential part of your fitness regime. 

Additionally, with Rebel Yogi by your side, yoga becomes the most fun and effortless road towards fitness. Rebel Yogi resistance bands and yoga shirts are the best yoga partner for any woman who is looking for a little motivation to push them further on in their fitness journey. 

Walk it Out

Every time you are having doubts about whether or not you know how to have a successful fitness plan, just go for a walk. A brisk walk every day can do so much more for you than you can imagine. No need to pressurize yourself, no need to run or jog. Just walk for as long as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Surprised that this fitness tip for women has nothing to do with exercise? Wondering if it is really that simple to be fit? Well, yes it is! Simply ensuring that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day can help so much in regulating your body’s energy and metabolism. And when the metabolism is regulated, your body automatically gravitates towards fitness.

Breakfast is Key

In their attempts to remain fit even though they cannot help but eat unhealthy foods, women often tend to skip breakfast simply because it is the easiest meal to skip. Simple layman logic tells one that as long as the quantity of food going into your body is lessened, you will become more fit.

This is, however, a very misguided stance. Missing the first meal of the day and cramming all your meals towards the end of the day highly disrupts metabolism and lessens the health effects of healthy foods as well. Always give priority to the first meal of the day if the way to achieve fitness for you is to lessen the number of calories you take in a day

Track Your Efforts

You can never know what is and what isn’t working for you on your journey to achieve fitness unless you keep a track of your progress. That is why it is advised that you do not aimlessly start incorporating fitness habits into your routine. Keep a check on them and how they are affecting your bodily systems.

Manage Your Expectations

The main reason behind most women’s failure to achieve fitness is that they get discouraged easily. When they do not see results that are reasonable according to their expectations they tend to give up. Remember you can never know prior how your body will respond to changes in routines prior to actually making the changes. That is why never expect anything and try to go with the flow.


To conclude, the issue is not that it is difficult for women to achieve fitness, it is often that they are misguided regarding how to do so. With Rebel Yogi by your side, anything is possible, so do not give up!

Written by Sana with love ♥